WORK IS SOOO ExHAUSTINGGGGGGGGGGG. :( I’m not sure if my boss likes me, I mean, she’s only like a year older than me… Plus, my coworkers are nice and stuff I guess… two that don’t talk much and the other two flirt with me too much. SIGH :( They want me to work too many hours that I can’t afford because of my schooling. BOO :( I do enjoy the setting and the environment a lot. Making boba isn’t all that easy. It takes some training and experience, but I’m pretty much getting it down. I just have to start getting used to this hectic schedule. School is still my number one. Plus, I don’t have time to hang out with anyone, including my boyfriend because he’s busy too. Two busy people that don’t have time for each other… Woah. I don’t know about that. And then, I get so stressed at night, but I hope I can pay the bills at least. I’ll just suck it up and man-handle it. I GUESS. SOML right now.