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Love Life Update: 6.16.2013

I love my boyfriend. He treats me like a QUEEN. He buys me this he buys me that and that isn’t all very necessary. Although he tries to do that to put a smile on my face, what makes me fall harder every time is how he puts his ego aside every time and apologizes even when I am the wrong one. Although I hate to admit it, it is very comforting to know that he semi-loves-me-unconditionally. I try hard not to pick fights in relationship but I don’t know sometimes my moods are just whack. I have never seen anyone put in so much effort… and seriously, so much effort…Awh I’m a lucky girl. Lets go down memory lane… He said he loved me the first time we hung out. Three days later he asked me out. On Valentine’s day this year, (of the 3 total relationships I have been or am in) I received flowers for the very first time.Then, every month or so of our still-quite-noob-and-short-but -quite-fairytale-like relationship, he spoils me with something or writes me a long letter confessing his undying love for me. It’s some serous cheesy and hopeless romantic stuff, but I love every bit of it. This is a girl’s dream come true, you know. And then, four months and a little more, he puts a promise ring on my left index finger. It is a beautiful golden eternity band from Coach circled with Swarvoski crystals that probably shine brighter than diamonds. Aha. He tells me there’s more to come… but honestly, one is enough. I am not a very materialistic girl. I always wanted a quality ring for accessory purposes, but this is sentimental and holds an infinity times more value. When I take it off, I know it breaks his heart so I won’t take it off no more. He talks about the future with me every day, and promises to make me his wife one day in the not -too-distant future. Ahah, how so very cute. I think I’m in love. I know that with every relationship, your faith in love lessens… Well, for me that’s what it was. But I don’t think that should be the case anymore. I have found the boy that treats me so right and loves me like there’s no tomorrow. He puts me first and makes me his life, and I see it with my very own eyes. He gives me all that I need and more than what I need actually aha, so I shouldn’t even be complaining. I love him. I must accept that no one else can have my heart, but him.

I swear I have thee boyfriend they talk about on silver screens and bougie scenes ❤

My boyfriend shows his friends the picture of me napping… AND THEN THEY TELL HIM: You’re sprung (lol). YAY, I guess that means we’re on the same page. 0:)

  • Babe: hey babe, do you L-word me?
  • Me: haha you can't ask that...You're cheating the system!
  • Babe: well fuck the system! Haha
  • : )))))) I do l-word him ahhh the L-bomb. <3 he's so adorable.

I don’t like my robot boyfriend right now. He can’t even say good night back and just texts me to tell me how tired he is of studying. So much to complain about! >;(

It’s a bitch when my boyfriend has NO TOLERANCE for just about any other guy in my life. UGH WHAT AM I TO DO…. THE LAB PARTNER JUST CALLED ME while drunk for no reason. I must end this now. No more male friends for me.

I think what may be one of the greatest reasons why I’m so attracted to this BOYfriend of mine is because I can’t see through him. I can’t… He’s an enigma… That’s the type I like. Other guys who’s intentions I can see and can predict/understand immediately are just not interesting and don’t hold my attention for long. The kind of boy that does not have his heart all into romance, but invests in greater passions and ambitions know how to win my heart. :D


I can’t waittttttttttt til school starts. Gosh, now I feel that I can take on more commitments beside work and a relationship. I’ve been getting really angry with him lately but then the next day, I’d be totally head over heels. I don’t know why I get so bipolar sometimes. I don’t know. But the moment everything was tumbling down with my life… the family issues, the social living issue, career, and the housing issues, and the schedule issue … It was a lotta stuff that was breaking me. It’s not as easy as it looks but things that don’t kill me could only make me stronger. I took it all out on the poor boy the other day, and we almost ended it. Just because he brought up breaking up and then said ‘…but I don’t want to break up.” HE SAVED IT!!!! by saying that or else I would’ve just shrugged yes. I particularly blamed him for not there for me when I’m so lost and stressed. But I’m wrong, he cares for me in ways that he is capable of… just not quite how I imagine it in my head. So the next night, I just imagined my life without him… then I realize that he WAS there for me, in fact… Wanted to visit me in the hospital… Offered ears to listen to my problems even though he doesn’t know what to say… But the issue was that I just felt I couldn’t lean on his shoulders to cry when I need someone… Now that I blew up on him, I think I’ll just try to communicate to him in a different way so that he understands me better. (In a way where I don’t let BS build up and blow up in his face lol) He must really think this rough time is making me ‘emotionally unstable’ or the ‘drama queen’ type of girl he’s trying to “stay away from”.. Lol. Well, he’s not that bad… and he WAS there for me through all the bullshit (AND I MEAN BULLSHIT) that other people can’t handle. That’s enough for me to realize I want him in my life foreverrrr. He accepted me at my worst. :’) So, he deserves better and I can be better.

WORK IS SOOO ExHAUSTINGGGGGGGGGGG. :( I’m not sure if my boss likes me, I mean, she’s only like a year older than me… Plus, my coworkers are nice and stuff I guess… two that don’t talk much and the other two flirt with me too much. SIGH :( They want me to work too many hours that I can’t afford because of my schooling. BOO :( I do enjoy the setting and the environment a lot. Making boba isn’t all that easy. It takes some training and experience, but I’m pretty much getting it down. I just have to start getting used to this hectic schedule. School is still my number one. Plus, I don’t have time to hang out with anyone, including my boyfriend because he’s busy too. Two busy people that don’t have time for each other… Woah. I don’t know about that. And then, I get so stressed at night, but I hope I can pay the bills at least. I’ll just suck it up and man-handle it. I GUESS. SOML right now.

How do I friendzone people and keep the friendship?

I wonder if people are taking my acute friendliness the wrong way. MY LAB PARTNER, for instance. Well, hmmm why does he keep asking me how was work and about life? Right now he just told me “complain and I’ll listen” and “good night sweet dreams.” O.O But gentlemen like him don’t hit on girls like that. >:O Well, I’m not sure how to hint to guys that I have a boyfriend without saying “MY BOYFRIEND…” did this or did that! Won’t my boyfriend just get me a promise ring or something? (Like a faux-engagement ring… LOL) I just don’t wanna hurt feelings if people are interested because I unintentionally was nice.

And we solve our problems through some phone calls. End of the day I realize, I’m so hormonal sometimes (especially during PMS times).

Awkward Moments wif Boyfriend

The awkward moment when a guy in the car next to you checks you out… And later your boyfriend realizes that guy is his friend and yells out to greet the dude. And the extra awkward moment when that guy texts your boyfriend asking who you were. The final awkward moment when your boyfriend says you’re his girlfriend and the guy says you’re a “good pick.” And your boyfriend tells you his friend is saying you’re pretty basically. :} Lol take that, boyfriend.
I like indirect compliments. :)

I’d like to think I’m one hilarious motherfcker. BUT, my boyfriend insists otherwise. Last week he told me — I can’t tell if it’s a joke anymore —that I’m not funny. That’s stupid; he’s not that funny either. I think I lost my humor and sexiness being with him. Although I can’t complain about how much more goal-oriented and innocent I have become. Still, I always thought I would date a funny guy. Well, he’s funny, but it’s not enough… A lot of my jokes fly over his head…. Why… Humor is so important… if I was to make a living off of scratch, I would become a comedian. I’ve got that glint in my eye. >:(


So when I couldn’t take it no more, he steps in and shares the pain with me, figuratively of course. Communication almost solves everything. Why do I have the urge to keep building walls and burning bridges for the sake of my distrust in someone else, when I don’t even give them a chance to explain? I tend to assume and that just might be the core of my (remaining) immaturity.

On another note, I’m really glad my boyfriend barely has any clue I have a tumblr. I finally talked to him about running a blog, and apparently he doesn’t need to blog about his “feelings” or really talk about it for that matter. UM, TURN ON.

It’s humorous and super adorable when my boyfriend gets jealous of my guy friends, or just when I hang out with them later in the evening. So, he always slightly insinuates that I not kick it with them. Little does he know, just about more than half my friends are guys. Deep down, I have these boy-ish hobbies. Not to say I’m not feminine (I think I am), but uh… I enjoy shooting guns with my bro’s, and climbing walls, and watching the UFC matches, etc……….. LOL I like those kind of adventures (sometimes more than our usual girl sport — SHOPPING).