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ONE paycheck… and I feel like a billionaire!

I immediately ventured out to a self-spoiling shopping spree the day I got my paycheck. Then I celebrated with my boyfriend by spoiling him and myself at a high-end ish seafood restaurant called, “Market Broiler” at The Block (nice that he pitched in too… it was high). Then I shopped some more, but with him holding my stuff this time :3. ZOMG, I feel like I’m allowed to buy EVERYTHING I want (to a certain degree, of course). 
After getting out of Forever21, I begged him to come with me to H&M, too, but he was like ‘oh nooo we’re not I just lost 40 minutes that could have gone to studying (haha) but it’s okay give me attitude (lol).’ He’s basically telling me that if I give him the fiesty me, he will listen, relentlessly. Lol, what a push over! HAHA. Regardless, I dragged him over there but the exact moment we were in front of H&M @ the Block, it’s 9:00PM and the store closes. Womp, I then just told him “a girl can never have enoug shoes!” He replied, “sure they can.” I told him, “nope.” So he continues to say, “when I become docta, I’ll get you a whole wardrobe!” LOL, awwwwwe my boyfriend just volunteered to be my sugar daddy fo lyfe! Afterwards, we just came back to my place and cuddled, with the sister 3rd wheeling and everything. Then, I drove him back home ‘cause his car is still in the body shop. Ahhhh. Fun date. Feels nice to be $XXX richer minus all the other bills I have to pay haha regardless… YAYYYYYYY! I LOVE BEING INDEPENDENT!!!!!


Happy three months to me and my baby, Matthew. Gosh, I like him so much and he likes me as much back, if not more (he says). I think I’m in love, but this thought always occur when we’re apart. I miss him even though I saw him like yesterday, and am seeing him tomorrow. He’s planned out a group dateeee up in the sky in air balloons. Ugh, he’s a sweetheart.

1 year ago on May 18, 2012 at 06:43am