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Moody girlfriend? First few months of the relationship you were so full of testosterone and trying to get your wang in that you didn’t notice.

— Yahoo Answers ROFL

1 year ago on May 29, 2012 at 08:19pm


Happy three months to me and my baby, Matthew. Gosh, I like him so much and he likes me as much back, if not more (he says). I think I’m in love, but this thought always occur when we’re apart. I miss him even though I saw him like yesterday, and am seeing him tomorrow. He’s planned out a group dateeee up in the sky in air balloons. Ugh, he’s a sweetheart.

1 year ago on May 18, 2012 at 06:43am

He’s falling…. in love… and is taking me down with him…. :o

Honestly, not that this should be one of the greater qualities I take pride in, but I make for like the best girlfriend ever. I’d cook for you (and I don’t suck at it once I pick up that spatula) and clean for you. And when you’re having a bad day I’d cheer you up, give you a back rub and make you feel better. I look my best not to really please you but to show you that I take care of myself and when we’re together, you can dwell on the fact you have a pretty girlfriend. (Not that looking ridiculously good is all there is to life…) I would offer words of support and hold back my negative emotions when they surface. Could be just TOM but it’s hard to be a bish around my boyfriend anyway, not that I am one. I just get mad but I keep it to myself most times. It’s better that way. Then when I calm down, I’ll discuss stuff calmly. I’ve gotten so much more mature :’) BUT I”M JUST SAYIN’ that mofo better appreciate me. And he kinda does :) So I won’t trip :)  Like JoJo once said: once you had the best, you can’t do better.

Alright, I got two INcoming midterms. Fck…Tea will keep me up.Mon, come at me.

Too emotionally available AKA nice guy

So… this is awkward… this dude’s being extra friendly because he really did break up. And I had to ask! … How did I know. I mean that’s quite skeptical to compliment other girls so endearingly when said person has a girlfriend, but of course said person got dumped. Shoot. If I had a boyfriend going around complimenting other girls like that, I would snap. Women’s intuition is like a sixth sense. Too nice it’s almost creepy. No! I will never fall for an over-the-top nice guy like you. Ever! You can’t make me. Stay a bro. K Bye.