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Lol my mom brought back custom made keychains from vietnam for me and my lover… Can tell it’s getting serious 😝😊❤ & she said its stylish to have these these days #LOL#socute

Lol another story of some guy hitting on the waitress.

So this Asian guy with one arm incapacitated, all tatted up, with a goatee and in a cast sling walks into my work place. And don’t forget the snapback. He isn’t a weirdo, though. I think he wants to be an ABB; gettin’ there. I’m the cashier today and he first asks me what’s good on the menu and then asks my coworker guy. He chooses what my coworker finds “the best” drink… I actually think that one tastes gross. Anyway, I was like alright he ain’t tryna spit his game like I usually assume people do. (Lol I’m conceited, I know) So he walks out for some fresh air, and comes back buys the drink my coworker chooses and puts tips in the jar. My boss and I stare at him while he does so. Next thing, he starts walking back and forth in front of me until I just had to ask him how he got his injury (cast on his arm)….

He says…. “So it’s a long story but I can make it short. Long story short, me and my one tiny homie was in a dark alleyway late at night just chillin’. Suddenly, a group of about 50 guys ganged up on us and I just had to took them all down because my puny homie is in a wheel chair.” (Um, okay….) Then I tripped and fell and landed on my clavicle. The medical terminology for the collar bone. (LOL good shit…) AND THENNN he said the next day he played basketball (remade the dribble scenario) and then parkoured down a wall…. 50 feet wall…. and landed on some bone again.” (At this point I put my concerned look away, and tell the boy, “OH PLEASE GET OUT”) … Lol. He whips out a card and circles his number and I asked him “is that your business card?!” and he tells me to contact him through that number. Walks out the door. HAHAHAHA smooth. 

But I got a boyfriend, I ain’t calling nobody.

I seriously use “trangbabii” as my username for everything simply because I lack the imagination to conjure something more creative than what I came up with from, like, middle school. -_-

One more thing before I dive into the world of mathematics…… I will stop eating and only drink Tea and live off apples, bananas, and salad. Yay me!

I’m the type that doesn’t feel inclined to give a guy attention. 

thats wat my mama tells me too LOL

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swallow your dinner young man.



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that’s why i hide that shiiet

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rebloggin my face all day!!!

..his face

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This humorous poster series takes some of the most common, everyday lies we tell ourselves and hear from others, and bluntly translates them into the unequivocal truth. By visually representing the difference in what we often say but secretly mean, Truth and Lies uncovers the inane conversational nuances that reveal paradoxical dichotomies in our otherwise ordinary life. In other words, this is what you say, but (this is what you mean) - and we all know it.

Truth and Lies by Justin Barber

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