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Selfie πŸ’Ÿ

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Distracted… I looked alright with black hair doe. #throwback #lastyear πŸ‘Έ

I can gym at wee hours of 2am all by myself… Call me Miss Independent πŸ‘ πŸ‘ŸπŸ˜‰

LOL GIFs … The next level of camera whoring. >:D

Wow I made a GIF

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MY HURRRR. To think I’ve never posted my current hair color… This is as light as it gets. NOOO ABG status for me. Lol, I haven’t used a real camera in…. uhhhhhhh

😱😱😱😱😘😍😜I wonder how I could just use instagrams filters without posting… People’d think I’m conceited or something. LOL.

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Harem pants WINNNN!!! I found this one at Forever. :D

It’s humorous and super adorable when my boyfriend gets jealous of my guy friends, or just when I hang out with them later in the evening. So, he always slightly insinuates that I not kick it with them. Little does he know, just about more than half my friends are guys. Deep down, I have these boy-ish hobbies. Not to say I’m not feminine (I think I am), but uh… I enjoy shooting guns with my bro’s, and climbing walls, and watching the UFC matches, etc……….. LOL I like those kind of adventures (sometimes more than our usual girl sport — SHOPPING).

Honestly, not that this should be one of the greater qualities I take pride in, but I make for like the best girlfriend ever. I’d cook for you (and I don’t suck at it once I pick up that spatula) and clean for you. And when you’re having a bad day I’d cheer you up, give you a back rub and make you feel better. I look my best not to really please you but to show you that I take care of myself and when we’re together, you can dwell on the fact you have a pretty girlfriend. (Not that looking ridiculously good is all there is to life…) I would offer words of support and hold back my negative emotions when they surface. Could be just TOM but it’s hard to be a bish around my boyfriend anyway, not that I am one. I just get mad but I keep it to myself most times. It’s better that way. Then when I calm down, I’ll discuss stuff calmly. I’ve gotten so much more mature :’) BUT I”M JUST SAYIN’ that mofo better appreciate me. And he kinda does :) So I won’t trip :) Β Like JoJo once said: once you had the best, you can’t do better.

Alright, I got two INcoming midterms. Fck…Tea will keep me up.Mon, come at me.

Guess what it’s finals time …


See The Difference?



Tell me I got the chubz o-,-o so I can stop eatinggg

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