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Tampons are trouble… Girls could actually lose them inside and not notice… Aka toxic shock syndrome!!! Team non - tampons ftw!

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I’m still PMSing….. WTF. Well, I know I always have the extreme UPS and DOWNS of my relationship and I blog about it sometimes… but here is another down side. So today I hung out with the BF. He asks me on the phone what we should do together. So, I, trying to cater to what he wants, tell him, ‘hey! let’s study!’ He loves studying. So, we do end up studying. Together at the library. For exactly an hour as planned. Then, we run to get banh mi. Then I had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped at Jack in the Box. I got 2 tacos. So, we munched on munchies. We just ate, nothing extraordinary (ahem, no ‘conversation’) going on. ALRIGHT, then he insists to take me back to the park area closer to where I live so we could chill. Didn’t really talk about important stuff. Then, we sit and kiss and stupid stuff like that. Then, he drops me off.  

WELL I DONT LIKE THAT. Some sort of connection is missing. I think there is something missing in this relationship. Something is missing in him that attracts me. Something mental? Emotional? Not enough in common? Not enough excitement? Too repetitive? Some need of mine is not getting satisfied, and it’s always going to be like that. I think it’s not okay that I can’t have a deep, deep conversation with him. He isn’t very witty, and I think we’re intellectually incompatible. That must be the problem. He never goes past “aw, you’re so cute.” And, he always has to go study. Idk why I can’t understand that. Honestly.

Another sick-of-my-boyfriend rant.

 Ahem. First of all, I only ask that he communicates with me more because he has such a busy life that includes his friends, sports, and academics. This has always been a problem… The only method of communication for us is basically THE PHONE (and atm, this is long distance, might I add). I already accepted being second to his studies. That’s fine (with gritting teeth). However, the friends and the balls — I don’t have a heart to care for that. NOW, he’s taking on 3 new major commitments that I won’t discuss because they’re career-oriented and I can’t mess with that. Sum of it all, I feel like a greedy and selfish girlfriend… BUT where the fuck did all of our time go? I thought this summer was hard enough doing that long distance shit all over again. But nooo, the Fall will be even worse. And after that, when he goes and transfers to professional school. And after that? What if he does become one of those on-call doctors? ………. I am speechless and confused. What should I do? :L 
My needs… nobody cares. 

Why won’t he tell me he loves me…. From time to time he says “I care about you so much” instead..? Why that? I think about this boyfriend of mine all day, it’s almost pathetic lol. I’ll answer my Facebook birthday wishes later… and play DDR later… Ugh, I miss him already…. WAHHH what is this longing. Kndependence is nice, but when I’m ‘in love’ I can’t help but to be all mushy gushy.. Ewwwwugh. I must be really sprung or something… NOU D’: But straightly, I can feel he cares about me because he shows so much effort to make me smile. I can’t feel ‘love’ yet, so makes sense we don’t say it. Love is when I know I won’t be able to leave him. It seems to be getting there, nonetheless.